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Jojo from Love & Hip Hop Miami has been exposed for participating in American Idol a decade ago. And just like she does on the VH1 reality show, Jojo embarrassed herself on national TV.

Jojo is one of the most entertaining cast members on the VH1 reality show. She's constantly getting into arguments and fights (sometimes physical) with the other cast members.

Before joining Love & Hip Hop Miami, Jojo was a "celebrity stylist." Her clients included T-Pain, Rich Homie Quan, Future, Alvin Kamara and other artists and athletes. 

But MTO News got its hands on some old footage of Jojo - from before she was a stylist. A decade ago, Jojo was trying to become a singer and so she auditioned for American Idol. As the below clip shows - she can't sing and it didn't go well at all.

Here she is:

Jojo also recently admitted that her story line on Love and Hip Hop: Miami is completely fake. Two months ago on the VH1 hit show, Jojo and another castmember Shay got into a fight in the club. The show suggested that Shay was jealous after Jojo "stole" her boyfriend, R&B singer Pleasure P.

Jojo then revealed that she NEVER dated Pleasure P, and that the Love & Hip Hop producers made up the whole thing. She also claims that Shay never dated the singer either, that was allegedly made up too.