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John Legend's Wife Shows Her 'REAL' Face . . . WOW!!

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John Legend's wife Chrissy isn't afraid to let fans see the "real" her. And last night, she released a selfie pic - showing what she really looks like around the house.

And Chrissy looked . .. terrible.

Some folks on social media are tearing her apart - for how bad she looks. But others are supporting her. You see Chrissy gave birth 6 months ago, and she's still working off much of her baby weight.

Here are some comments:

She is disgusting even when she is at her best,will always be lard face.

She should stop sharing.

She's got a actual sense of's refreshing

Thank you for sharing that pic! Reminds me that we don't have to try look perfect all the time. You are gorgeous so it is nice to know it happens to all of us.

Teigen married singer John Legend on September 14, 2013, in Como, Italy. Legend proposed to Teigen in December 2011, after four years of dating; they first met on the set of his 2007 music video for "Stereo". The song "All of Me" was dedicated to her. They have two children, daughter Luna Simone Stephens (born on April 14, 2016) and son Miles Theodore Stephens (born on May 16, 2018). Both children were conceived via in vitro fertilization.