John Legend Urges Church Goers To Stay At Home: Do Not Go To Church!!


Singer John Legend hopped onto Twitter to urge his church-going supporters to stay at home during the lockdown and to avoid going to church to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

"Don't let these pastors kill your auntie or grandparent," he wrote in response to a fan who tweeted that pastor's are still encouraging their congregation to head to church.

"I say this as a pastor's grandson and nephew. I know how hard it is for many churches to pay their mortgage and that most pastors aren't anywhere near rich and rely on the weekly offering to make things work for themselves and their congregation. BUT. DO. NOT. GO. TO. CHURCH." 

Many states have implemented stay-at-home orders, but some have allowed church services to continues, despite the service itself being a large gathering of people.

Pastors are calling the coronavirus a "test of faith" and begging them not to adhere to the order and go to church to pay their tithes.