When Kanye West was on top of the world - R&B singer John Legend was one of his closest friends.

But now that Kanye's falling apart and facing mental health challenges - issues that may be causing him to cozy up to White supremacists - John Legend is jumping ship.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair magazine, John Legend claims that he and Kanye are no longer friends.

Kanye and John were very close about a decade ago. So close that John and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, attended Kanye's wedding to Kim Kardashian. Their wives were also there for each other through their pregnancies and they have always attended each others' events.

But with each passing year, Kanye's mental health issues get worse - and his behavior becomes more even more "bizarre."

Most troubling though has been his comments on race and what looks like his open disdain for Black people. Kanye who was openly critical of former President Barack Obama, a Black man, became a very public supporter of President Donald Trump, a man who many believe is a racist and a White supremacist. 

But Kanye's self hate antics didn't stop there. In a recent interview, he blamed Black people for slavery and not the white slave traders and masters who both started and maintained the system through intimidation and violence. 

He said slavery for Black people "was a choice" while expressing his love and support for President Donald Trump. 

That apparently was enough to cause his longtime friend John Legend to cut him loose.

John told Vanity Fair:

Kanye, if he’s for you, he’s a very ardent marketer and cheerleader…I think what was always challenging about it was Kanye has never been political. I don’t think he knows one way or another what policies of Trump’s he likes.

He just kind of embraced Trump’s blow-it-all-up spirit and the energy of himself being countercultural in supporting him…

I’m not trying to disown Kanye because I still love him and love everything we’ve done together creatively- but we were never the closest of friends.”