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Joe Rogan Says People Should Get Covid-19 Instead Of The Vaccine!!

Podcaster Joe Rogan thinks people should get the Covid-19 virus rather than the vaccine.

"I have better immunity than I would if I was vaccinated," Rogan said on a recent episode of the show. "So why? If I've already gotten through COVID and I do have the natural antibodies now, why would I take a chance in getting vaccinated?"

Rogan went on, "I think it would be better to get the virus and recover and have amazing immunity to it. You know what I think you should do? I think you should get vaccinated and then get sick because then the vaccine protects you from a bad infection and then you get COVID so then you get the robust immunity that's imparted from having the actual disease itself, which is far more complex and comprehensive than what you're getting from the vaccine. So that's the move, get vaccinated, let it wane and hang around with a bunch of dirty people."