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Rapper, reality star and podcaster Joe Budden recently broke up with his Love & Hip Hop baby's mother Cyn Santana. And MTO News has learned that he's replaced her - with a new girl that's blowing up the internet.

Joe's new girlfriend is Instagram model and entrepreneur Shadee Monique. Shadee is known for her beauty - and her extremely voluptuous shape. She's also the owner of a very popular boutique that advertises on social media.

And Twitter seems to have fallen in love with Joe's new bae. The general consensus on social media is that she is prettier that Joe's ex, Cyn.

Shadee was one of the guests of honor this weekend, at Joe Budden's pool party in New Jersey. Here are some pics of the event - and of Shadee.

Here's video of Shadee delivering Joe his birthday cake last night. And then later on in the evening, twerking on him 

Here are more pics of the beauty:

Earlier this summer, just four months after their public engagement, the two decided to go their separate ways after getting into a "huge fight."

"Cyn is no longer wearing her engagement ring and she has wiped Joe from her page — they have split," an insider from the reality show told the site. "It just happened. He's gone on tour right now and they had a blowout fight. It's very fresh."

Budden, 38, and Santana, 26, also reportedly sealed the deal by unfollowing one another on social media.

The insider added that while their friends hope they can work things out, Santana "is saying it is over" and "seems very upset, hurt and angry."

The two welcomed a son, Lexington Budden, together in December 2017.