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Joe Budden’s BABYS MOTHER Cyn Santana Lost All Her BABY WEIGHT . . . She Can Go Back . .. To Instagram Modeling! (PICS)


Rapper/podcaster Joe Budden and his GF Cy Santana welcomed their first child to the world in January.
And now – just two months later – Cyn is back to her Instagram model shape.

Cyn Santana has been flaunting her post-baby shape and Fashion Nova outfits for some weeks now.

The former Love & Hip Hop stars first hooked up back in 2016. Since then, they have been inseparable. They are both very open about their loving relationship all over social media and have each other’s backs. Do not come for either of them on Twitter because they will flame you!

Pre-Santana, Joe Budden was known for being a bit of a wild boy. His relationship with bootylicious model Tahiry was documented on the show. It ended with him proposing to her in Times Square, but Tahiry very quickly moved on. His relationship with young girlfriend Kaylin also played out on the show, but only resulted in heartbreak for her. They then headed over to Celebrity Marriage Bootcamp to give them both some closure.

Cyn Santana appears to be a grounding presence in Budden’s life. He for once seems entirely content and shows no interest in straying, and they genuinely seem happy and deeply in love.

Check out Cyn’s bangin’ post-baby bod below!

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