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Joe Budden's Baby Mama RECORDS Him Admitting To 'Abuse'!!

Joe Budden is facing another accusation that he assaulted a woman. This time, the woman accusing the podcaster/rapper is his baby's mama - reality star Cyn Santana.


Cyn recorded a phone conversation with Joe, and during the conversation she alleges that he abused her.

Cyn is now the third woman to claim that Joe abused her. His ex-girlfriend Esther Baxter first claimed that the podcaster assaulted her. Followed by his ex Tahiry Jose who also claims that Joe allegedly assaulted her.

The conversation begins cordially, where the former couple is discussing child visitation and support arrangements for their son. But at some point, the two is at an impasse, and Joe asked for them to sit down together, face-to-face.

In the audio, MTO News confirmed, Joe Budden insisted on seeing Cyn in person to come up with a co parenting plan. Cyn refused, saying multiple times that she "needs space."

Joe replies by saying, "the conversation would go way different if he can talk in person."

That's when Cyn drops a bombshell. She verbatim says "why? so you can chase me and drag me again?"

Here's the full audio. The abuse allegations comes around the 13:00 mark.