Retired rap star and sage podcaster Joe Budden has issued a warning to DaBaby not to wind up like Bobby Shmurda following his recent spate of brushes with the law.

"[Bobby Shmurda] was a young kid who came from a certain life and was having a whole lot of fun and making a wave for himself. And then he allegedly didn't stop a certain behavior, [the police] came and snatched him and then hip-hop suffered," he told co-hosts Rory and Mal.

"Boy, would hip-hop suffer if that same thing happened to DaBaby."

In 2019, DaBaby got into trouble several times with the law. He and his crew have been captured on camera, getting into physical altercations with pushy fans. 

Most recently, DaBaby was arrested in connection to a robbery that took place after a concert promoter met up with DaBaby and his crew to pay for a gig, and the rapper believed the promoter shorted him by several thousand dollars. As one source put it, "Things just went out of control."

 He was subsequently charged with battery.