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There's some new tea being spilled about actor Terry Crews. 

Popular entertainment insider and podcaster Joe Budden is claiming that Terry may have "consented" to being groped by the man he accused of assaulting him.

Two years ago, Terry accused an openly gay Hollywood agent of groping his genitals during a Hollywood party. Terry called the groping an "assault", and worked to get the agent fired from his job in Hollywood.

Well now Joe is claiming that Terry's groping was not an assault - like he claimed. But rather, Terry gave "consent" for the man to grab his genitals.

Joe made the explosive remarks during the latest episode of his podcast. You can listen here:

Here are the cliff notes, that summarizes the entire podcast:

  • Joe said that he believes that Terry Crews liked having his penis grabbed by the white man.
  • Joe believes that Terry Crews was known for doing some strange things for a job. Why else would that man feel comfortable grabbing his penis in front of his wife?
  • Joe said that it sounds funny because Terry is so huge. He said that he never believed him.
  • Joe said that the men had to shut the fuck up about it because the women were actually experiencing the same thing.
  • Joe mentions how Gabby was fired by the network, only for Terry to assist the network in gaslighting her.
  • Joe says that Terry Crews has been shucking and jiving forever for “Massa”.
  • Joe says that men like Terry are the reason that Black women don’t feel supported.
  • Mal says that Terry’s wife, Rebecca, might be his beard/mustache.
  • Joe says that Terry didn’t need to speak on the matter if he wasn’t in support of Gabby.