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Joe Budden Responds To Troy Ave: Stop Talkin' About Me!!

Troy Ave has been going at Joe Budden for quite some time -- and the rapper finally got his attention and now Budden is demanding that he stop talking about him.

During a recent podcast, Troy accused Budden of still using drugs and challenged him $50,000 to take a drug test and prove that he is clean. Budden responded on his podcast. Mal and Rory panned Troy's podcast and dismissed the challenge as a cry for attention, Budden seemed visibly irritated by Troy's claims.

"Troy Ave, I'll beat you up. Bet $50K on that," Budden said. "Walk around the corner somewhere, and I'll put your face underneath a sewer, my n*gga. Stop talking about me."

Just weeks ago, Troy claimed that he had smashed every girlfriend Budden had ever had.

"The main thing that makes that n*gga emotional because I want to say Me and Fab f*cked all the woman that he's ever loved in his life. Between the two of us. Maybe it's like Desert Storm thing when he might go at Fab, might throw a little shot at me," he claimed.