Joe Budden wants it known that he does not condone cheating and responded to the ladies of the daytime talk show, The Real, who gave him a dressing down after he said he understood why Kevin Hart cheated on his wife.

In Hart's documentary, Don't F*ck This Up, he and Eniko Hart discussed the sex tape scandal, which seriously hurt their marriage. Budden after seeing the documentary said he understood how Hart might have slipped up and cheated.

After the backlash from The Real, Budden questioned whether society lacked the ability to have understanding and compassion.

"I hate that everything has to turn into a gender war because, for me, this wasn't a gender war type of thing. This is a human thing. I wasn't saying, 'He's a guy and he works hard, he has money and he's powerful, so he should be able to cheat.' I don't know where that interpretation came from," he explained.

"So no, it is not okay to cheat. It is not okay for Kevin Hart to cheat. Ladies of The Real, that was never said here, and I hate when we're just presented a certain way when we're in this new age of just clip floatin', so we only go by the clip. I said a whole lot more than what was displayed here. We do not condone cheating, however, I'm not part of the society that is looking to kill actually understanding human behavior and psychology."