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Joe Budden On Logic's Retirement: We Don't Care!!

Joe Budden reacted to rapper Logic's announcement that he is retiring from rap the way we all knew that he would -- saying "we don't care."

Viewers of his show will know that Budden is not a fan of Logic's and think he is overrated.

"Logic, you don't get to announce this. What the f*ck is he talking about? 'Cause we don't care," says Budden.

Budden also insisted that even fans of Logic would not care.

"No, they don't," he continued. "They happy that he's leaving. Why you think I got the f*cking celebration song queued up, man? Let's celebrate Logic getting the f*ck outta here, n*gga. You should've retired a long time ago, Logic."

Last October, Budden slammed Logic as one of the worst rappers of all time.

"Logic, you are easily one of the worst rappers to ever grace a microphone, I'ma be honest with you. I don't know what they telling you at Def Jam," he said at the time. I know you sold a lot of records. I know you sell out a whole bunch of tours and I know how successful you are. I have to be honest, you are horrible, man."