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Friday was the release of Jay Electronica's debut album, A Written Testimony, but not everyone appeared to be a fan of the album -- especially not Joe Budden, who insists that Jay-Z killed him on every song.

Listeners of the album will know that Jay-Z is on every track on the album, and the whole panel of the Joe Budden Podcast agreed that the decision to collaborate in such a way was a risky one.

"It is a mistake," Joe said. "As a rapper, I'm telling you, he got smacked around [by Jay-Z]."

He continued, "Granted, this is hate, but it's rapper hate. Because, when y'all move the goalpost, as a rapper, I see it. For the last decade, y'all have mentioned Jay Elec with Hov. And Jay Elec positions himself that way on arguably one of the greatest tracks ever on 'Exhibit C.' That is God level rhyming."

Joe says he hates the album.

"I hate this album. F*ck what y'all talking 'bout. I hate it," Joe said before adding, "Hate is my underwhelmed. For me to say I'm underwhelmed, I didn't go into it expecting anything."