Joe Budden sat down for an interview recently where he was asked about the status of rap group, Slaughterhouse - but Budden says that he will not be making more music with the group until they're off Shady Records and they own their music.

"I'm not a worker, anymore. I'm not going to work for something that didn't exist before I got here. And that's how I feel about wordsmiths. We can put this together, y'all can't monetize it until we do, and that's how I act. So, nah, I'm not putting nothing out with Slaughterhouse unless Slaughterhouse is away from Shady, and we own our own sh*t," he said on the My Expert Opinion show.

But the popular podcaster also wants it clear that the issue has nothing to do with Eminem and that things are straight between them, despite him being the only member of the group who did not make an appearance on his album.

"That has nothing to do with me. Don't ask me about Em. Has zero to do with what I just said. He is not a factor in what I am saying. What I am saying is solely related to my brothers. Now, how it gets wherever it gotta go is not on me. It's lawyers and things for that to happen, but that's a me thing."