During a recent episode of his Pull Up series, Joe Budden revealed that he is "grateful" for the Migos' diss track, "Ice Tray."

The Atlanta rappers took aim at Budden following the infamous showdown with the group back in 2017.

During the interview, the group seemed to be tense around Joe, but things quickly escalated as Joe proceeded to walk off from the interview because they did not appear to be interested in speaking.

Joe says he was all for the track, as it was a hit!

"I was grateful to those Migos guys if you want me to be honest. Yo, Joe Budden, when you get away from my rap and hip hop persona, 'cause n*ggas have watched me make all my mistakes publicly, I'm really a humble and grateful guy. The fact that they put... N*ggas have dissed me for 20 years. Who cares? I've never been dissed in a smash! In a hit! Now, this is a hit," he told Tory Lanez.