Joe Budden has revealed that outspoken rapper Azealia Banks was almost one of the co-hosts of his Revolt show, State Of The Culture.

"The original idea was two," Budden told the hosts of The Breakfast Club. "Me and another person." 

Charlamagne then pressed Budden on who the other host would have been -- "At one point it was Azealia Banks," he replied.

"In theory, what an amazing idea," added Budden. "That's what I wanted to create. Something that you would say, 'How long is that gonna last?' That didn't pan out for whatever reason. So then we said, alright, we need three. And then when we were screen-testing the three..." 

The podcaster currently hosts the show alongside Remy Ma, Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins, and Eboni K. Williams.

Banks certainly has a lot to say, but ultimately, Budden and his team decided on the current format -- four hosts and Banks did not make the lineup.