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Joe Budden seemed to admit that his breakup with Cyn Santana was faked for the couple's 'Love & Hip Hop' storyline.

On the last season of the show, the couple faced a few issues, but in the end, they managed to get back on track and Joe proposed to Cyn in front of the 'LHHNY' cameras.

After their breakup was announced several weeks back, both have been surprisingly tight-lipped and the outspoken Joe rarely even mentions Cyn on his podcast, but it seems that we all have Mona Scott-Young to thank for that according to Joe.

We doubt that Joe was supposed to reveal the news to his fans but check out the video below. This tea is straight from the horses' mouth!!

We're kind of relieved it's all for show. We think Joe and Cyn are a very sweet couple, and their fans and supporters have been rooting for them to reunite.

We'll have to wait till the new season to see the inevitable happy reunion.