Last week, the internet was ablaze with a rumored split after Joe Budden and Cyn Santana appeared to unfollow each other on social media - and Joe has finally responded to the rumors.

"We didn't break up. There's been no break-up," he said during a live taping of his podcast. "Words are important. So what does that mean? What that means is neither one of us said it's over."

But the popular podcast also added: "We haven't spoken in a little while. I think her phone's been dead for a few weeks."

Cyn has wiped her Instagram page clean of Joe. Last week, Cyn posted a video of her singing Beyonce’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” an anthem for women angry over cheating men. Many have speculated that she may have split from Budden because he cheated. Either way, nobody is giving out much info as to why the couple has parted ways at this time.