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Joe Budden sat down for an interview with Variety where he was asked about his recent Queen Radio appearance - and Joe denies allegations made by Nicki that he tears down women.

"That's such a false narrative, I don't understand where comes from and it shouldn't be created. I was raised by a single mom. I was raised to believe — and I still believe — that women are the greatest creatures on this f–ing earth. The greatest. I don't understand where that comes from," he told the outlet.

He also responded to the claims that he is intimidated by strong women:

"I would love to know who Joe beats up on. I try not to beat up on a soul. I try. I mean, when does it happen? Only woman I can ever remember raising my voice at really was my co-host on my show, and that was a creative space. I'm talking about Scottie on State of the Culture. I raised my voice at her one day and I didn't like how that looked. It never looks right."

But one thing's for sure, Budden is not intimidated by the Barbz:

"I don't care about the Barbz. The Hives, I'm not a Hive guy. But she just has a lot of influence, so you want to be careful with things like that."