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Joe Budden Alleges Raqi Thunda Leaked Cyn Santana Audio!!

Podcaster Joe Budden did not waste any time responding to the recently leaked phone call between him and baby mama Cyn Santana, where Cyn accused him of being drunk, chasing her and dragging her.

"You guys said I beat women up... again. You guys said that I f*cked my dog and it was heavy on me yesterday," he said. Budden denies that he molested any of his pets. "I love animals. I love my dogs who died. Rest in peace to Brooklyn and Harlem. They're turning in their grave reading all this bullsh*t."

Joe blames former friend and LHHNY star Raqi Thunda allegedly leaking the phone call between him and Cyn Santana. He called her "toxic" and said that Cyn no longer speaks to her.

During Cyn's video message following the leak, she does not name Raqi, but she mentions a "sister" who betrayed her trust.

"For my privacy to be completely violated for the privacy of my family, and to have my son in the middle of all of this, absolutely not. And to the bum ass bitch that leaked this, I'm not going to worry too much about you baby, you don't move nothing over here," said Cyn.