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The parents of Joycelyn Savage have threatened to sue a popular blogger over claims that she has made on her platform.

According to TMZ, Timothy, and Jonjelyn Savage issued blogger Tasha k with a cease and desist letter last week accusing them of defaming them with several social media posts regarding R. Kelly, Joycelyn, and her family.

The letter gives several examples of the alleged defamation.

Examples included but are not limited to:

  • Allegations of drug abuse
  • Allegations of creating a social media account to profit off of Joycelyn Savage’s likeness and images
  • Allegations of possession of a black box full of audio recordings
  • Releasing clips of edited recorded statements
  • Alleging that the Savages appeared on Good Morning America in New York, New York

The blogger is currently in court with Cardi B, who claims that the blogger created false stories about her. Tasha K is countersuing, claiming that Cardi's fans have been threatening her and causing her emotional distress.