Jim Jones: I Wanted to F*ck Weezy Up Over 'Make It Rain'


Dipset rapper Jim Jones talked to The Joe Budden Podcast, where he revealed that he wanted to fight Lil Wayne over Fat Joe's "Make It Rain" single.

According to Jimmy, his "Weather Man" hook, which featured the late rapper Stack Bundles and Lil Wayne, is a little too similar to Wayne's "Make It Rain," hook.

"I wanted to f*ck Weezy up over that record, man. But Weezy's my brother, you know I love him to death. But Weezy did some wacky sh*t when it came to that record," he told the podcast. "Remember he had a record with Fat Joe called 'Make It Rain On 'Em'? That was our hook. Now go listen to that record, and then pull up 'Weather Man.'"


He says Weezy blamed it on his drug addiction, but it was Juelz who saved him from a beatdown.

"I was ready to take it to the next level and Juelz really -- I'll never forget it. It was the MTV Awards show. … We was in the China Club when I seen him. And the homies just finished throwing somebody off the balcony in that bitch. I'll never forget that day. Right in front of Weezy," he said.