Jim Jones and his life partner, Chrissy Lampkin, recently had their New Jersey mansion foreclosed on and sold at auction for just $100!!

Yes, $100!

How did this happen you ask? Well according to BOSSIP, the U.S. National Bank Association sued the reality star couple back in 2017 for allegedly failing to pay their mortgage and alleged further that they had been in arrears since 2010. 

According to the complaint, Jones bought the house in 2006 and took out a $680,000 mortgage with a 6.875 percent interest rate. He agreed to make monthly payments of $4,467 but evidently fell behind.

Last year, he and Chrissy cut a deal with the bank to get caught up with the payments and to keep the house from going into foreclosure. Apparently, though, they did not stick to the new payment terms and the bank took action against them by filing a lawsuit. According to reports, they didn't respond to the case, and received instead a default judgment.

The home was eventually sold back to the bank at a Sheriff’s Sale earlier this year for just $100 – court papers state.