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Rapper Jim Jones and reality star fiancé Chrissy Lampkin are finally getting married, after being engaged for 7 years.

The 42-year-old Bronx-based rapper, who is best known for his hit single "We Fly High,", told fans on social media that after a long engagement, he's finally ready to get married.

"Baby I'm ready," Chrissy, 48, wrote in a post on Instagram. To which Jim Jones replied, "I'm ready too so let's make it official then [sic]."


According to folks on social media, Chrissy and Jim are set to wed this fall. And the couple is working out a deal with VH1, so that they can get a wedding special out of it.

Here are some recent pics of Chrissy, showing that she's still as beautiful as ever:

Chrissy first started dating Jim Jones in 2004 after meeting him in Miami. She was reportedly the source of Jim's falling out with Cam'ron and the first disbanding of the Diplomats in 2006, after Cam made t-shirts inscribed with "Tricky Ricky AKA Jim Jones is a trick", mocking Jim for spending too much cash on Chrissy instead of helping their friends who were locked up. 

Cam later apologized for his behavior during this time on Instagram live on February 11, 2017.

TV personality Chrissy Lampkin celebrated her 48th birthday back on April 27 with help from her longtime love, rapper Jim Jones. He helped plan a party for her with all of her friends present. In front of the group, the “We Fly High” rapper delivered a pretty sweet and rousing speech about his partner in reality TV shenanigans, and overall love. He said he’s grateful that she’s put up with his stuff for a relationship that, reportedly, has been going, despite public ups and downs, proposals and TV shows, since 2004. It was a rare emotional moment from The Diplomats rapper.

“I don’t know how many people got to end up with their crush in life, but I kinda did. That’s a Harlem thing,” he said of their relationship, as the two both grew up in Harlem. “But besides that, I haven’t met anyone like you in my life. You’re very smart. You know a lot. You should’ve went to finish going to school is what you should have did [crowd laughs]. But she’s definitely intelligent, sweet, loving. I know I’m not the easiest person, so for her to stick by me for so long, I know she’s definitely a soldier that I love so much. Happy birthday. I wish you many more.”