Jhonni Blaze has admitted that she never dated Drake in a recent interview.

Jhonni, who has appeared on Love & Hip Hop New York and Atlanta, as well as Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, spoke to Supa Cindy, where she shared that she would like the opportunity to apologize to him face to face.

Jhonni once claimed that she had a fivesome with Drake, where the two of them had sex without protection. She has in the past confessed to fabricating this claim, but this time, she seems extremely remorseful.

"Never dated Drake. It was just really bad, I've apologized," Jhonni said. "He unblocked me, that's a good thing... Everything's cool. I feel like one day we'll bump into each other, and it'll be I [apologize], he's heard me say [it] millions of times. We all grow up and build and become better people, so that was just something that I wish I was this age now. It would have went totally different." She added that Drake is a "phenomenal artist" who is "so dope."

Should Drake forgive her?