Jhonni Blaze From Love & Hip Hop . . . Gets Ab-IMPLANT Surgery!! (PICS)

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Jhonni Blaze from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta got ab-implant surgery, so now she has a surgically constructed SIX-Pack. Jhonni showed off her new fake abs at the Growing Up Hip Hop party this past week in Atlanta.

Before getting the surgery, Jhonni had a nice body. But she's always been a fan of plastic surgery. For example, she already underwent butt and breast augmentation. This is what she used to look like:


But now she's had a doctor use liposuction and "ab implants" to create a brand new stomach for her.

Here are pics of her getting the surgery from Dr Curves:


And here are the results at the Growing Up Hip Hop premiere.


“I’ve been battling with my weight all of my life,” she said. “I think I just hit rock bottom with depression. Gained a lot of weight, like 230, and I just promised myself for me, my confidence to get back, I want to eat right and do boxing, but I also want a quicker result. So I want to get my arms and my stomach done.”

Ab etching was created by Houston-based surgeon Henry A. Mentz, III, and it’s a very common procedure for men. So what does it entail you ask?

  • The procedure is different from liposuction. While some unwanted fat is removed, some is left behind to help define and contour the abdominal muscles underneath. Small incisions can be made in the abdominal wall, around the belly button, under the breast, and around the pubic area that are reportedly very small.
  • Despite the results, and the relatively quick recovery, there are risks of infection and leaking early on is common. The results, with a constantly clean diet and exercise, can last for the long-term. But if you go through major weight changes, for example, gain a lot more than recommended during pregnancy for example, the results of the procedure, typically only done once, might not be able to be maintained.