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During a recent interview, Jhonni Blaze has denied that she ever had a fivesome with Canadian rapper Drake.

Speaking to Bossip about the rumor, she said:

 "Drake is a phenomenal artist. He's dope as hell. I said something in my past that I regret and I hope that he forgives me. I think [he did] because I'm unblocked," she said.

"And it was not a fivesome. I was just immature at a young age and got mad because he was talking to somebody. And I'm not even his girlfriend so who am I to get mad at somebody. So that's what happened. No fivesome. If I wanted a fivesome, it would be with a bunch of girls, and I have the list and I think I'm accomplishing three out of the five so far. Mind your business."

Jhonni has previously claimed that she had an orgy with Drake where they had unprotected sex. She had also made claims that after falling out, Drake sent men to her house in Houston to threaten her life.