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Jhene Aiko Kicks Big Sean OUT THE HOUSE . . . Covers Up The Tat Of His Face!! (Close Up)


Rapper Big Sean and Jhene Aiko are officially over MTO News can officially confirm. And the end of their relationship is getting NASTY.

According to two people close to Big Sean, the Detroit rapper has been "put out of the house." The couple had been sharing a Beverly Hills mansion with Jhene's daughter. But not anymore. MTO News learned that Sean was asked to "leave." 

According to Sean's homies, he's been staying on friend's couches for almost a month. He's also been away on the road - so his living situation isn't all that bad.

Rumors circulating on social media are saying that Big Sean was caught cheating.

And it appears that Jhene really is done with him. She has removed the tattoo of his face off her arm. According to reports, "spectators are saying that she’s probably getting new ink because Sean’s face is tattooed on her tricep, and the tattoo artist seems to be working on her side. However, the caption on the Instagram story read, “realizing ALL things are temporary. I rejoice in this moment.” Which definitely sounds shady AF."



Jhene unfollowed Big Sean on social media and he unfollowed her as well, back in early May.