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MTO News confirmed earlier this week that Jhene Aiko and Big Sean are officially over - and now Jhene confirmed it herself. The lovely singer told her fans last night that she covered up the giant face tattoo Big Sean because it no longer "fit."

As MTO News reported, Jhene and Big Sean were over, and Sean has moved on and is now dating a blonde model. We're told that Jhene is UPSET with Sean and his new girlfriend, but is working towards moving on with her life.

Well, now we have even MORE receipts confirming our report. Last night, Jhene confirmed that she covered up her Big Sean face tat - with a giant dragon tattoo. A fan asked her about it last night on Twitter:


Here is a pic of Jhene's new tat:

And here is the old tat that she had of Big Sean's face:


According to E! News: 

Fans have been paying close attention to the 30-year-old songstress and her famous beau Big Sean’s relationship status all year, particularly after a report surfaced alleging the rapper and Pussycat Dolls alum Nicole Scherzinger had allegedly “cozied up” at an Oscars after-party back in March. 

However, he and Aiko, who started dating in 2016, both shot down the claims publicly. “Sorry, but nothing about you guy’s fan fiction stories are true... I still love you tho,” she rebuffed on Twitter at the time. Then, in May, Aiko shared a snap of herself with her tattoo artist at work on her back, writing, “Realizing ALL things are temporary, I rejoice in this moment.”