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Big Sean and Jhene Aiko's relationship is officially over - and there's no changing that.

Two months ago, Jhene and Big Sean broke up - with Sean moving out of their Los Angeles home. The couple had been dating for two years, and many suspected that the two artists would eventually get married.

But that didn't happen. And Sean quickly moved on from Jhene. A few weeks after their split, the rapper was spotted out on a date with his ex, pop singer Ariana Grande.

But Jhene Aiko still wasn't ready to move on - so she sent him a heartwarming message on Instagram last week - where she basically BEGGED the rapper to take her back.

Big Sean said "no" to her offer.

Look at the message that Jhene sent him last week:

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 3.06.13 PM-2

MTO News spoke with one of Jhene's friends who tell us that Big Sean "ghosted" Jhene after she posted the message. Jhene's friend explained, "He gave no reply, and he stopped returning her texts. Jhene is not taking it well."

Emotions have been running high since Nip’s shooting death last month. In the wake of his murder, Aiko pumped the breaks on any new music, explaining, “Out of respect for Nipsey, I will be postponing the release of the new music I planned on releasing this month… until I feel the time is right.

“I want to take this time to remember and reflect on the life of the legendary Nipsey Hussle. Thank you for understanding. Long live NH.”

Nipsey was laid to rest last Thursday (April 11) following a massive service at the Los Angeles Staples Center where Aiko, Stevie Wonder and more performed. He was 33.