Jessie Woo has been fired from Love & Hip Hop Miami, just halfway through her first season on the top rated reality show, MTO News has confirmed.

Love & Hip Hop Miami is still filming, and Jessica was told to LEAVE THE SET yesterday - because of what producers are calling internally "insubordination."

The firing happened after Jessica filmed a "green screen" confessional scene.

MTO News does not know exactly WHAT happened during Jessie's green screen filming, but after she said whatever she said on camera - she was told to leave the studio and NEVER COME BACK.

Jessie has been feuding with Love & Hip Hop Miami star Amara La Negra all season. And she's spoken out openly that she's frustrated by how she's being portrayed on the reality show.

And it looks like Jessie's firing may have less to do about what she said ON camera . . . and more about what she saying on SOCIAL MEDIA.

Jessie Woo has recently been posting very NEGATIVE things about the Love & Hip Hop franchise, suggesting that their storylines are "fake." Producers of Love & Hip Hop DO NOT LIKE when characters say that the show is "fake." They consider it a firable offense.

Last week, she suggested that producers asked her to "fake" certain storylines for the show:


And just before her firing, this is what she posted on LIVE. In the post, Jessica suggests that producers tried to "make' her fight Amara La Negra.

Here's the last post from Jessie Woo, before she was asked to leave the set.

It's not clear how Love & Hip Hop plans on dealing with Jessie's firing.