39 Yr Old Jessica Simpson Loses 100 Lbs; Her Face Now 'Wrinkled'!! (Pics)


Jessica Simpson lost 100lbs after giving birth to her third child in 2019. And yesterday she showed off her new body, and her new face!

Jessica took the opportunity to flaunt her new trim figure on Friday as she celebrated the 'final days' of her 30s.

The 39-year-old singer stunned in a photo posted to Instagram that showcased her perky backside and a revealing two-piece suit.


This is what she looked like during her last pregnancy:


But while her body looks great - her face looks much older. People on Twitter are pointing out that the new slender Jessica now has wrinkles on her face. They claim that the former pop star looks much older than her chronological age since the weight loss.

Here's what her face looks like now: