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Pop singer Jessica Simpson has penned a new memoir Open Book where she details sexual abuse she says she faced when she was just a child - but Jessica also revealed that her baby sister Ashlee Simpson was in the bed with her at the time. 

"After lights out, I would feel her hands on me. It would start with tickling by back and then going into things that were extremely uncomfortable, Jessica wrote in the book. "The second time she abused me, it was during spring visit and Ashlee was also in the bed. I lay between them, fiercely protecting my sister from this monster. I didn't want her to feel as disgusting as I felt."

She continued, "For six years, I was abused by this girl during our family's visits, which happened three times a year. Eventually it wasn't just at nighttime. She would get me to go into a closet with her, or just find a way to linger until we were alone. It got to the point that she would sneak into the bathroom to watch me shower. I did not know how to get away from her."

"She continued to try to sleep next to my little sister and I would just scooch Ashlee over and get between them whenever she did. I never let her near Ashlee, but I also never screamed or told her to stop. I was confused, wondering if it was something that I wanted to keep going [...]

"I stopped waiting for Ashlee to come to my room and started sleeping in her bed….Even then I would lie awake, waiting for my brain to shut off. I wanted to keep us both safe, but I also wanted her protection too. Ashlee was already becoming her own person. She always took good care of looking after herself, and I was terrified someone could take that courage from her."