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Jessica Simpson Celebrates Being Sober For 4 Years

Pop singer Jessica Simpson is celebrating four years of sobriety.

Jessica posted a picture of herself four years ago.

"This person in the early morning of Nov 1, 2017 is an unrecognizable version of myself," she began in an Instagram post. "I had so much self discovery to unlock and explore. I knew in this very moment I would allow myself to take back my light, show victory over my internal battle of self respect, and brave this world with piercing clarity."

In her memoir last year, Jessica says she used to drink heavily and take pills. She said her rock bottom was during a Halloween party in 2017.

"I need to stop. Something's got to stop. And if it's the alcohol that's doing this, and making things worse, then I quit," she said she told her friends.

In the post, she continued, "Personally, to do this I needed to stop drinking alcohol because it kept my mind and heart circling in the same direction and quite honestly I was exhausted. I wanted to feel the pain so I could carry it like a badge of honor."