Jessica Mulroney Threatens To End Black Influencer's CAREER.

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A black Canadian influencer, Sasha Exeter, just spoke out against Jessica threatening to end her career. Why? Well according to Sasha, a few weeks ago she encouraged influencers to use their platform to speak about the BLM movement. 

Sasha - who runs SoSoSasha - explains what she claims first sparked the spat. She stated: "Jessica never wanted to stand up and use her voice in the first place and didn't understand why she needed to.

"This I found quite strange seeing that she is very vocal about supporting many causes and very open about everything else so how could she not be speaking up about this issue affecting everyone in the world. "Also her best friend is arguably one of the most famous black women in the world... I just didn't get it."

She then goes on to say she believes Jessica "wrongly assumed" her call to action was directly aimed at her.


Jessica must have thought that Sasha was "calling her out," because she took it personally and got offended. She Jessica proceeded to play the ultimate victim card.

Jessica allegedly threatened Sasha in writing. She sent Sahsa multiple messages, including the following:

"I have also spoken to companies and people about the way you have treated me unfairly. You think your voice matters, well it only matters if you express it with kindness and without shaming people who are simply trying to learn. Good luck."

Sasha is known for being the best friend to Meghan Markle. Jessica, 40, is a Canadian fashion stylist who regularly does segments for the television shows Good Morning America and CityLine.

Here is Sasha's full story. Listen: