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Jesse Williams has responded to his ex-wife's legal request that he pay her 200k legal fees so that she can fight him in court.

The 'Gray's Anatomy' star says that his wife is more than capable of footing her own legal bills.

According to Williams, he has already paid $270,000 toward his ex’s legal bills in the case and he also pays her $100k a month in support alone. 

Aryn Drake-Lee wants Williams to pay her lawyer $100,000. She is also asking for an additional $100,000 for a forensic accountant she used to prepare for the upcoming divorce trial.

Williams is requesting that the judge to deny her motion, saying “this is not a free ride” and is asking her to be responsible for her own bills moving forward. He is also fighting to have his support payouts reduced.

Williams and Drake-Lee married in 2012 and split in 2017. They share two kids from their marriage.