Actor Jesse Williams broke up with his wife Aryn in 2018 - and has since moved on to a new relationship. The handsome actor is now dating the gorgeous actress Taylour Paige.

Jesse Williams and his girlfriend Taylour, however, seem to be taking their relationship to a new level.  The two appear to be moving in together to an apartment in New York City. The two lovebirds were also seen shopping recently at Goop in NYC after looking at some real estate around town.

According to online reports, Jesse and Taylour are VERY serious and plan on moving in together.

Here are pics of the couple:


And what does social media think about Jesse and Taylour? Well most of his fans think that Jesse actually upgraded from Aryn.

Here are pics of Aryn, along with the couple's two children:


Jesse and Aryn met before his career took off. According to Aryn, she sacrificed her career, to help Jesse - and when his career took off - he left her.