Comedian Jess Hilarious used to be friends with Love & Hip Hop couple Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones - but not anymore.

She recently had a conversation with Fizz baby's mother Moneice - where she spilled all kinds of tea about Apryl and Fizz.

Now Moneice, being as messy as she is - recorded the conversation with Jess, and played it on her Live.

Moniece Slaughter gave Fizz and Apryl Jones a stern warning hours ago.

She hopped on Instagram alerting producers to find the couple soon so they can hash things out.

Moniece demands an apology for things they said to her while filming. She stated that she would be returning to her old ways if she doesn’t get that apology soon.

Apparently, Moniece has decided to move forward with her threat.

Hours ago, she shared audio of what sounds like Jess Hilarious making some serious accusations.

Accusations were made about Apryl and Fizz.

The most scandalous thing alleged is Apryl is allegedly on drugs.

In the conversation, Jess made some startling accusations - against a couple that she used to call her friends. First, she confirmed that Apryl and Lil Fizz are "f*cking." The couple has been coy about whether or not their romantic relationship ever got physical, but according to Jess it already has.

Second, she went through a litany of men that she claims Apryl  has had s*x with. According to Jess, Apryl is a thot that's thirsty for rappers - especially ASAP Rocky.

Finally, Jess suggested that Apryl is a bad mother. She claims that Apryl goes out to clubs chasing rappers - and dumps her kids off with their father Omarion.

Here Is the Video: