Comedian Jess Hilarious has decided to reconcile with her ex boyfriend Kountry Wayne, after the two had a very public breakup earlier this year.

Jess and Wayne had been super public during their relationship - frequently posting sexy images on Instagram. In April of this year Jess posted a tribute to her son, calling him the “REALEST love” she knows, alarming folks in her comments on Instagram. She then confirmed in the comments of her post that she and her ex-bf are now “best friends” when a fan joked that her caption sounded like a single mom who just broke up with her boyfriend...

The couple had their difficulties... For example, last Valentines Day, when one of the mother’s of Kountry Wayne’s children posted up photos of him at her house on V-day. Wayne and Jess split after that mess . . . but they got back together.

And that's just the start of the messiness between the two. You see, when Jess and Wayne got together, he was married to his wife Gina - and the couple had 2 children together. Wayne has 8 children in total.

Jess started off as Wayne's side chick, and eventually he left his wife for her. Many of Jess' fans were upset that she would get involved with a married man.

Anyways, back in April Jess broke things off with Wayne - and he returned to his wife Gina and his family.

But it appears the two are still creeping on the low. Here's video from yesterday, of the two kissing: