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Jerrika Karlae continues to deny that she slept with YFN Lucci and hopped on Instagram to sound off on him, calling him a "clout chasing ass n*gga."

"You lame ass n*gga. You clout chasing ass, goofy-ass n*gga. You f*cking clout chasing ass, weak ass n*gga. Listen, hey. I ain't stopping nothing, you been in bed with who!? Been in bed with who?? On my whole motherf*cking family, you lying. On my mama life, on the woman I love the most, I ain't never been in bed with you!"

Jerrika is responding to claims that she was bedded by Lucci back in 2017. Added to that Lucci and Jerrika's longtime boyfriend, Young Thug, are currently beefing, and apparently she has been caught in the crossfire. Lucci reiterated those allegations during a recent interview.

Earlier this week, Jerrika trashed Lucci for involving a woman (her) in his ongoing drama with Thugger, but according to Lucci - Jerrika is lying. Check out his response to her rant below.

Who y'all believe?