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Jermaine Jackson Is GETTING MARRIED . . . To 23 Year Old BEAUTIFUL Girlfriend!


Michael and Janet Jackson's brother Jermaine is 63 years old - and he's getting married to his 23-year-old girlfriend Maday Velasquez. Jermaine confirmed his impending wedding with the Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf,

Jermaine, who is famous for being the only OTHER member o the Jackson Five to have solo singing success, made the stunning announcement when he was in Spain.  The greasy haired senior citizen began dating Velazquez shortly after divorcing Halima Rashid in 2016. At the time Jermaine was working as his younger GF's "mentor."

While Jermaine is 40 years her senior, he is not letting the couple’s age difference get in the way of their big plans.

Here's how Radar Online is reporting it:

“We are going to get married soon,” Jermaine explained to the European publication.

Jermaine dropped the bombshell after a performance in Mallorca, Spain with brothers Jackie, 67, Tito, 64, and Marlon, 61. The music legends have been traveling on tour in honor of their 50th anniversary.

Velazquez reportedly joined the famous family for the overseas trip, according to the report.


The announcement has led fans to question how Jermaine’s famous niece, Paris Jackson, 20, feels about the news. She is just three years younger than her soon-to-be aunt.

Jackson has been married three times and has seven children. His first marriage was to Motown founder Berry Gordy’s daughter, Hazel Gordy (born on August 24, 1954)[29][30], from December 15, 1973, until 1988.

In January 2004, Jackson met Halima Rashid while in line at Starbucks. In March 2004, he proposed to her and five months later, they got married in a mosque in Los Angeles. Rashid was arrested on November 28, 2015, in Los Angeles for alleged domestic violence. Rashid filed a petition for divorce on June 21, 2016, citing irreconcilable differences.

Jackson, like the rest of his family, was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. In 1989, he converted to Islam after a trip to Bahrain in which he was impressed by the local children’s devotion to their religion.