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Jermaine Dupri has been trending online for his comments about female rappers, but he also revealed that Ludacris used to try to get his attention as a young rapper by throwing CDs over the music mogul's wall.

"He used to throw his CD over my gate," Durpri told PEOPLE. "He used to throw it over my gate. And he used to have an afro and he wanted to be this guy," *points to his So So Def logo on his jacket. 

"So yeah, initially, he felt like he should have been signed to So So Def."

But according to Dupri, an artist actually ran into his car to give him his CD on one occasion - so throwing CDs onto his lawn is pretty tame by comparison.

"Somebody ran into me one day on the street [as I was] going to my mother's house," he said. "Somebody ran into my Range Rover. They rear-[ended] me, deliberately, so that I would jump out. When I jumped out I was like, 'Yo, what's going on?' They gave me a CD...lucky I was in the car by myself. If my security was with me, it would have went another way."