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Jermaine Dupri hopped on Twitter to call out artists who drop surprise albums. Apparently, the So So Def head honcho feels that unless you're Beyonce, you shouldn't just be dropping albums on your fans.

"Why are all these artist letting these labels trick them into dropping a surprise album ? Beyonce created that shit and she can do it,but errrybody else 🤷🏾‍♂️," he said on Twitter.

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Bey stans were obviously pleased with Dupri's words, but others weren't so sure.

"One could argue it's the shift in climate, a surprise seems more personal and has a sense of initiative which the young folks today like whereas push marketing just turns off most. With streaming available, one doesn't really need to care about week one sales anymore I guess?" one follower responded.

"Shit gone flop anyway might as well just drop it nobody buy albums no more," somebody else wrote.

Another wrote: "Prince did it in 2001 with “Xpectation”; that was a surprise album that was released in MP3 format & sent directly to members of the NPG Music Group. One could even call “Around the World in a Day” one of the first surprise releases and that was in 1985"

Surprise albums don't always flop. We can use Eminem's Kamikaze which came completely out of left field, and it went on to sell 434,000 album-equivalent units, of which 252,000 were traditional album sales, and he clocked up a massive 225 million streams.

Do you agree with Jermaine that surprise albums are a no-no?