Jermaine Dupri hopped on Twitter to deny that he was throwing shade at Lil Nas X.

On Wednesday Dupri screenshotted a list of a Billboard list of singles which spent the most weeks at no.1. Sitting at the top was Lil Nas X, who currently holds the record.

"No!! You can't sit with us," he wrote. "go sit over there and based on the stats and this chart, @mariahcarey is the greatest song writer in history."

Twitter then called Dupri out for attempting to dismiss the country-trap star's achievement, but according to the So So Def boss, it wasn't aimed at him.

"Why y' all think I'm talking to him ? Stop making sh*t up, he's on the list and he from Atlanta, I'm taking to all the n*ggas that discredit me,this list is the biggest songs in history and I'm on it !!" he tweeted.

Dupri cannot put a foot right after his comments comparing all female rappers to strippers.