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Jermaine Dupri has spoken out in defense of his tattoo of his ex, Janet Jackson.

"I have a tattoo of her — but I know her," he told Page Six.

Dupri dated Jackson from 2002-2009.

"People have tattoos of people that they do not know. So when I got the Janet tattoo people were like, 'What if y' all break up?' But this is someone I know. I don't regret Janet's tattoo — we have matching ones," he continued.

Dupri also spoke about the public's reaction to the news that the couple was dating.

"People were shocked when they found out we were dating. It's the same way like my entire career. I am from Atlanta . . . Atlanta was not mainstream to people until now. So when you hear that 'Janet Jackson is dating this guy from Atlanta,' it sounds like Nebraska. Like why are you dating this guy, like out of all places?"