Jennifer Lopez recently sat down for an interview, where she spoke about her romance with Diddy back in the 2000s, which ended after she found herself in the middle of a legal situation with the mogul.

JLo dated Diddy between 1999 and 2001- back when he went by the moniker Puff Daddy.

“The Puffy era was just kind of a crazy, heightened time in my life,” she told the interviewer on CBS This Morning. “You know, Puffy and I both grew up in the Bronx. He had been in the music business and had all this success; I was just starting and making my first album when I met him. He became kind of a mentor to me in that moment. We had this kind of crazy, tumultuous relationship that ended in a bang.”

Diddy was arrested on weapons violations but was later found not guilty in a trial shortly before his breakup with the actress.

“It was definitely a moment but I felt like it was necessary,” she continued. “He was meant to be in my life at that moment to teach me what I needed to know about the music business, about what kind of artist I wanted to be in the music industry.”

Watch the full interview below: