Jennifer Lopez is going viral this morning.

Yesterday J Lo, 49, released her new music video, Medicine, with French Montana - and the video is being shared by millions. And just as many people are sharing it for the music, as they are for a glimpse at J Lo's body.

Jennifer wore an array of sparkling costumes for the video, each one showing off her insane curves better than the last. 

But one scene stood out more than all the others.

In one scene, J Lo let fans really see her "assets" while standing in a hall of mirrors.

The triple threat danced in a scantily clad outfit that showed off her voluptuous booty. At one point, J Lo even twerked for the camera. 

Here's the video:

And here's a screenshot from the video:


This song marks Lopez's first release with the Hitco Entertainment label.

Medicine was co-produced by Stargate (best known for Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable) and British production duo, Son of Sonix. 

The "Waiting for Tonight" singer debuted the four-minute clip on Sunday's episode of World of Dance. 

According to E! News, "The music video transports viewers to a glamorous carnival, where it's less about the cotton candy and more about the couture. One of the first opening scenes shows Lopez riding a decked-out carousel in a glitzy cowgirl outfit. Fans also see her take on the role of a fortune-teller and dance in a hall of mirrors. In addition, she wears a white gown that's so extravagant it could give her Second Act premiere dress a run for its money."