Jennifer Lopez Has WARDROBE MALFUNCTION On TV . . . Her Dress 'SPLIT' While Salsa Dancing!

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The embarrassing incident started when Jennifer Lopez told the audience that she would impersonate her World Of Dance co-stars Jenna Dewan, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough's difficult dance moves.

Jennifer asked the audience if they wanted to see her dance. Specifically Jennifer wasked whether they, 'Want me to do [Derek Hough]?'. Of course the crowd roared "yes", an dthat's when things went LEFT.

Jennifer leaped out of her seat on Ellen's comfy sofa and started gyrating her hips from side to side.

'This is Derek, he gets up and does,' says Jenny as she puts her hands out and opens her legs.

She then yells out, "oh no my spanx!" She must have forgotten that she was wearing the shapewear under her bright blue dress.


Nervous laughter can be heard as Derek laughs and Lopez realizes that she has made a blunder.

You see, J Lo's dress ripped and exposed her Spanx for all the national tv audience to see.


Ellen though the snafu was so hilarious, her team put the clip on the show's Instagram account: 'JLo looks amazing even when she’s fixing her Spanx.

J. Lo also talked about how she first met Alex Rodriguez, saying:

During the interview with Ellen, she said Alex always claims their first date wasn't actually a date, adding: 'We have a little bit of a thing about this.'

The multi-talented singer and actress continued: 'He asked me - he goes "lets go out to dinner" and I said OK and I think that's a date. And then afterwards - after we have this date - he says "I didn't know if this was a date, if you were seeing somebody."

Jennifer however responded back with: 'I wouldn't have gone out with you if I was seeing somebody else.'