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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Take 'STAGED' Romantic Pics In Hamptons!!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted together in The Hamptons looking like a couple - but MTO News has learned that the images are being criticized for appearing very "staged."


Photos show Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez cuddling as they strolled Saturday on Long Island, their arms wrapped around each other and at times, less than an inch between them.

Affleck, 48, was dressed in a tight white sweatshirt and brown khakis while Lopez, 51, had her hair down and wore a loose, long-sleeved top and comfortable looking beige bottoms. Both sported sneakers.

But the images looked a little too perfect.

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One keen eyed critic claimed that the images appeared top be photoshopped, to make both Jen and Ben look perfect.

Others thought it was a little "too perfect" that the paparazzi managed to get the perfect picture - when the couple was wearing matching outfits.

Here are the images that are stirring up controversy: